Diagnostic Impressionism


Craig Kite

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The Wind-Fellow


Craig Kite

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Diagnostic Impression + The Wind-Fellow


Craig Kite

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CraigA. Kite has worked with human rights organizations in New Orleans, Iraq, Central America, Mexico and Canada. Major themes in his writing/performance and visual art are Bipolar Disorder, spirituality and thoughts on social justice. After years abroad he worked serving adults with disabilities and autistic children. Now living in Washington, DC, his art purports creativity, catharsis, connection and humor as cures for madness. He currently sells his own art and that of other local artists from a shopping cart, which he calls the Art Cart.






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Poems Included in Diagnostic Impression:

Axis I

Axis II

Axis III

To be honest


Spiritual warfare (unconscious commotion)

Clouds I can’t see shapes in


On getting drunk with Rumi


Axis IV

A Benediction

Parable of the Poor Widower

Carry me home

An ephemeral friend


Axis V

Drunk man staring in a pew (blessed catatonia)

On character

I smoke because I'm hungry (In the absence of food)

Parable of the Weeds

Manic revelations

Jesus and Mohammed were Schizophrenics

Train(wreck) of thought



Poems Included in The Wind-Fellow:


In Gypsy, “Ghost” translates as “Wind-fellow”

A pendulum swings between my ears
I lost my voice on a train

-Movement 1 (The pitcher intact)
Praying for a wife (Part 1)
Into thin hair
The girl with the pitcher

-Movement 2 (Collapse. The moment that hasn't ended)
Praying for a wife (Part 2)
Cloud 10
I’ll be drinking with the fishes
I'm doing this dance (Part 1)

-Movement 3 (The birth of a ghost)
I'm doing this dance (Part 2)
Praying for a wife (Part 3)
A play-date with Van Gogh and Kali
Screen is the new mirror (Ourselves in HD)
God fountain
An argument between two fools
Cover Song of Solomon (For my new bride)



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