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Urgent Conversations


Jasmine Hawkins


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Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Jasmine Hawkins, also known as Ms. J, has been writing for over 18 years. Heavily influenced by the work of Maya Angelou, Jasmine often incorporates rhythm and lessons in her pieces of poetry. Jasmine's passion for writing stemmed from two very notable moments in her life: the death of her uncle, for whom she wrote her first emotionally inspired poem and the learning of her first rap, Biggie's verse of "Mo Money Mo Problems" which Jasmine remixed into a gospel poem.

Jasmine's confidence in performing spoken word is attributed to her annual recitations and oratory performances at her childhood church, West Oak Lane Church of God. Throughout high school, Jasmine performed numerous works at youth night events around the city. Although Jasmine was heavily encouraged to publish her work, she never felt passionate enough about her writing to follow through with these suggestions.

After high school Jasmine attended the University of Pittsburgh where she perfected her craft by majoring in the English Writing: Poetry Track, with a dual  major in Communications. Jasmine stayed at Pitt for graduate school where she pursued a career in Secondary English Education with hopes of teaching students in the inner city. Since 2009, Jasmine has been teaching high school students in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia during her six year hiatus from writing.

At the age of 25, Jasmine knew she wanted to do something greater, and at the start of 2015, with all of the controversy between Blacks and the police, Jasmine was inspired to use her gift to properly frame the taboo conversations around race in America. Finally, the stars have aligned for Jasmine to share her purpose and passion with the world.









Poems Included in Urgent Conversations:







Good Hair


Community Cowards



On Second Thought

Politically Correct

Lynch's Recipe

Rara Part I

Rara Part 2

My President





To The Other Side


Black Zombie






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