The Scary Beautiful


januarie York 


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Januarie York is from Indianapolis, In and has been writing since she was a little girl. She started performing her poetry in 2003 and hasn’t looked back. Her colorful and descriptive poetry have allowed her to share the stage with some of her mentors and favorites as well as create her own shows. She has released two spoken word CDs, produced two spoken word shows and is currently writing her first full length book. In addition to poetry, she has done freelance work for several local magazines and websites and is now the City Editor of Insight2Incite Magazine Indy. She also is a contributing writer for StreetPoetsMidwest, a blog that features artists & venues located within the Midwest Regions. januarie is well on her way to becoming a premiere and sought out writer of her time and has her performance eyes set on debuting a theatrical poetry show on Broadway, in the footsteps for For Colored Girls. Now is the time to tune in if you don't already know who this self-proclaimed "WomanOfTheArts" is.

She currently resides in Indianapolis with her two dogs, Ms. Poet & Lazarus.








Poems Included in The Scary Beautiful: