Recently, 2 Pens & Lint's own, Henry Duncan, had a chance to ask Joey Tucker aka Mr. Enlightenment a few questions concerning his teaching career,  goals for his poetry, and his new chapbook.




Henry Duncan: How would you describe your writing style?

Mr. Enlightenment: My style is an oxymoron. It is simple but still complex. I'd like to think that my poetry is reader-friendly, but still has some layers to it. I'd say its vivid and at times conversational (like I'm talking to the reader).

HD: What do you hope to accomplish with your poetry?

ME: I've heard people say they don't read poetry because they "don't get it." Hopefully by using topics that people in general can relate to, I can get someone that usually doesn't like poetry to read my work.


HD: What inspired you to start writing?

ME: I took a poetry class in my senior year of college.

HD: You are a teacher, what grade and what subject? How does teaching and Poetry relate?

ME: I teach 4th grade Language Arts. Teaching and poetry are two areas where creativity flourishes. In teaching and poetry you have an initial objective but how you reach that objective is up to the individual.

HD: What are the benefits of teaching?

ME: Teaching is a profession that allows you to make an impression on a person. People remember their teachers for years to come, either positively or negatively, there is still an impression.

HD: What do you dislike about teaching?

ME: The teaching profession puts too much emphasis on standardized testing. People have bad days, but that shouldn't be the only consideration when determining how much someone knows.



HD: Do you use Poetry in the classroom, if so, how?

ME: Poetry is a 4th grade standard, so I have my students write. The poetry is basic, but I do share some of my poetry with them. I've thought about writing some children's poetry someday.

HD: Wallets & Pursez is the title of your chapbook, what is the significance of that title?

ME: My writing is for everyone, men and women. That's where the Walletz & Pursez title comes from. Also, no one person has the same things in their purse or wallet. I compared that to reading a poem. No two people may get the same thing from one particular poem.




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