Love Can’t Wait


Could it be the way

You move so elegantly

From table to table

Or the streaks in your hair

Reminiscent of how you

Streak to the kitchen to

Place my order


I think I’m in love

Frequent visits to the restaurant

I got a glimpse of your name tag

And now I request

For a seat in your section


In between refills

I introduce myself

Slip in random questions

Hoping for a response

Throw in my name

Thinking you would catch on


Now we’re on a first name basis

You even know how I like my drink

 But I notice that you treat

Every game the same way

To my dismay, I sign my receipt

I guess I’m just another tip.


-Mr. Enlightenment

-Love Can't Wait is featured in Walletz & Pursez.



An Unconventional Reward


I was convinced
That nice guys
Finshed last
Until I finally
Won a trophy
The trophy had a
Few scratches
But I cleaned it
And shined it up regularly
You couldn't tell that
It had been scarred from the past


Strangely this trophy came

With its own base

I decided to discard it

And replace it with

My own method of support

After a while
My trophy started
To complain about
Not feeling loved

Actually the trophy got

More attention than any other

Prize on my mantle piece


It missed its original base

The stability that it gave

Was different than mine

I tried my best to make
It feel at home
My prized possession
Began to compare me
To previous owners


Eventually I couldn’t

Deal with the comparisons

As good as the trophy made

Me feel inside

It wasn’t worth how bad it

Made me feel at the same time.


-Mr. Enlightenment

-An Unconventional Reward is featured in Walletz & Pursez.



In The Stands


Safety regulations are not a concern

As two immovable objects participate

In head on collisions

A helmet flies through the air

Like a wounded bird


Cheerleaders fly through the air

Flipping and tumbling in the name of their team

Painted faces and bodies of those who bleed their team colors

High fives, chest bumps and masculine pats on the butt


The synchronization of the band

As they give their halftime phonics lesson

The stadium transforms in to an episode of Soul Train

The music is like a flute

Taming a cobra


The coach smiles and paces the sideline

Shirt neatly tucked into his pants

A few unexecuted plays later

His shirt hangs sloppily

And his face is candy apple red


For three hours

Everyone is smiling

And screaming at

The top of their lungs


How things change

As a frowning middle aged man

Sweeps the stands of trash

In silence.


-Mr. Enlightenment

-In The Stands is featured in Walletz & Pursez.



Confessions of a Cheapskate


I’m a cheapskate by nature

Saving my money is a hobby

I hold onto my finances

Like a preacher’s daughter

Does her virginity


I’ll give my time and effort

But don’t hold your breath

If you ever inquire about a loan


Actually I do spend money

On the person I love the most


Yours truly…


I earned it

So it’s only right

That I reap the benefits


Don’t get me wrong

I do know how to treat a lady

But not just any lady

Will be wined and dined

Once you are proven worthy

I’ll gladly take you to the mall

And take a few things off the shelves


Cheap I may be

Conservative with the currency

Call me what you want

But don’t call me broke.


-Mr. Enlightenment

-Confessions of a Cheapskate is featured in Walletz & Pursez.




Newly Wed, Newly Divorced


I was a newly wed

Trying to juggle three jobs

Husband, father, and CEO

I wanted to give birth to a business

Help it take its first steps

Spent so much time at the office

I wasn’t there to help my marriage

Take its first steps


Family outings, Dinner as a group

I know my job like the back of my hand

But didn’t know how my wife’s day went

I felt out of the loop


Compliments and kisses on the cheek

I used to admire her curves

Hot sex nightly was the norm

She no longer waits up for me

My side of the bed is colder than a winter’s night


She took it upon herself

To seek entertainment

Late nights with her girls

Before she used to call me at work

Lately she’s to busy to

Pick up her phone


Now I’m in court

Wondering what went wrong

A judge’s gavel decides my fate

I couldn’t give her all the support she needed

So she got an attorney to help her collect

We were one in holy matrimony

Now I give her my love

In the form of alimony.


-Mr. Enlightenment

-Newlywed, Newly Divorced is featured in Walletz & Pursez.




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