Rage Love Complexity


Zoe Blaq


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Zoe Blaq is a poet, writer, and visual artist. Her creative expression continues to pave her own lane in the art world and people are taking notice.  She is a California native who was raised in Munich, Germany. She holds a BA in Radio TV Film and a MA in Clinical Psychology. Her first position out of college was a writer for Variety Magazine. She has worked for companies like, Warner Bros. television, successful PR firms around Hollywood and Edmonds Entertainment, just to name a few.  Zoe Blaq holds an impressive list of publications from short stories, prose, poetry and articles on mental health as well.  In 2011, she created a self published zine called "Abstract By Nature" which has been circulating worldwide. She describes the zine as a "safe space" that fosters dialogue and off the grid thinking.  Ms. B. is also a spoken word performer who produced and hosted a popular jazz and poetry night called " Indigo Lounge."  She continues to organize outreach events, exhibit art, and produce multimedia projects.  Her passion is using art as a healing medium. Her inspiration comes from working in mental health, mentoring youth, and her travels around the globe.










Poems Included in Rage Love Complexity: